Materials Testing

Sampling and Testing We conduct sampling and testing to ensure that materials incorporated in project work meet specifications and requirements as per applicable local regulations
Material Certification We compile certificates of compliance from manufacturers and suppliers to ensure quality of all materials received and maintain proper documentation for regulatory purposes
Professional Expertise The materials testing we perform is always carried out by certified laboratories and technicians

Project Management & Contract Administration

Budget and Scheduling We work with local authorities to manage the budgeting and reporting process and conduct schedule reviews using EPM/ CPM and PDBS systems
Partnering Establish appropriate relationships with critical parties
Public Involvement Services We proactively manage relations with local communities to properly log and respond to complaints and to ensure public trust
Traffic Control and Maintenance of Traffic Review, approve and ensure proper implementation of plans
Federal-aid Projects Ensure compliance with Federal Labor and EEO requirements
Project Closeout Finalize comprehensive documentation, sign-off by professional engineer and submit for regulatory review

Inspection & Quality Assurance

Measurement and Payment Tracking quantities required and consumed; ensuring timely payment to contractors
Project Diaries Maintain thorough documentation of project progress using PDBS and EPM system
Traffic Control/MOT Qualified engineers and technicians monitor and adjust traffic control operations on a daily basis
Environment Provide oversight by Environmental control supervisors
Employ a range of approaches for sediment and erosion control
Ensure implementation of storm water pollution prevention plan (SWPP)